For An Initial Physical Or Virtual Appointment

What’s included?

A health history and detailed questions about your health concerns

A methodological review of your bodily systems – which may be connected to your chief complaints

A review of prescription drugs and supplements you may be taking, and questions about what you’ve tried to address your concerns

Detailed questions about your diet and physical activity

A discussion about your lifestyle, social setting, and support systems

A physical exam, as needed

Active listening as you share your story, building trust

Order and discussion of appropriate tests

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnoses

Treatment plan

60-90 minutes engagement with your doctor

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Working Hours:

  • Virtual: 24/7 
  • Physical: Mon-Fri 9am – 3pm

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For follow-up appointments

What’s included?

Treatment Procedure

Treatment plan review

Acupuncture, massage, or other therapies, as needed

Meal plan review and dietary supplement and recommendation

45-60 minutes engagement with your doctor


The Cynosure of Natural Healthcare Services In Africa: At OIHM company, we pride ourselves on a “where treatment, teaching, and discovery come together” slogan because we’ve successfully managed and treated people with so-called incurable or life-threatening diseases such as HIV, Cancer, Hepatitis among others. One thing we tell and prove to people is that “there is no such thing as an incurable disease, but there may be an incurable case”.

Virtual Consultation 24/7

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Sat & Sun : Virtual Consultation Only

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