Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about OIHM Clinic and Answers

Tell me about OIHM Clinic?

Ans: We bring clarity to health challenges our patients may be having and then go ahead to design the perfect treatment plan for them. We also manage the patient welfare, to achieve the greater goal. Management involves follow up sessions, calling to check on them, answering questions that they may have during their healing crisis and helping them get it. We also train students. You can read more here

What do you do?

Ans: We attend to all health issues within our professional competence but we have special interests in the following; check here

Can I meet your doctor?

Ans: Yes, click on the link to read about them

How can I contact you?

Ans: You can contact us through call or WhatsApp on 07026997111.

Where is your office address in Lagos?

Ans: We are located on the 7th floor, Mulliner Tower Street, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria.

Where is your office address in Abuja?

Ans: We are located on the 4th floor, Churchgate Tower, Constitution Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja Nigeria.

How can I book an appointment with your Doctor?

Ans: You can visit www.oihmclinic/appointment/ to book an appointment or contact our customer care for help. (07026997111)

How much is booking for an appointment?

Ans: Initial consultation is N25,000, and for our existing patients, a follow-up consultation is N15,000.

I want to make payment for my appointment, can you share your Bank account with me?

Ans: Always make sure that you pay into the company's account. 0495130902 (Olaking International Holistic Medicine Company Limited) GTBANK

Do herbal medicines still work?

Ans: Of course, they do work. However, what you should first concern yourself with is the safety of herbal medicine you want to take then its efficacy. At OIHM Clinic, our remedies are safe and effective for chronic diseases, yet we won't still give any guarantee of cure.

Do you sell herbs?

Ans: At OIHM Clinic, we do not see ourselves as herb sellers. We only prepare remedies based on patients’ diagnosis. However, we sell herbs that do not really need management like ulcer kits, “MY MAN” capsules, infection remedies etc.

Do you attend to children?

Ans: Yes, we do. Children below 18 years must be accompanied by their guardians. We have a consent form that requires a guardians signature before treatment.

Do you have a treatment plan for Hepatitis B?

Ans: Yes, we have treatment that could cure it. You may request more information regarding this. Just contact us.

What is the duration of your treatment plan?

Ans: Our treatment plan is subject to the nature of each patient’s health, which is clearly defined by the patient’s medical history, lifestyle, diet, and a methodological review of his/her bodily systems. Our treatments are in phases and the first phase ranges from 3month-6months. It takes that long because we are majorly concerned with chronic life-threatening diseases.

Can I use another prescribed medication with your treatment plan?

Ans: Herbs are potent and could react advancing or harmful with other substances added. We want you to communicate with us so that we can guide you appropriately. Some of our patients are integrating both orthodox and natural medicine together after a thorough understanding of their cases.

Do you have infertility treatment?

Ans: Yes, we treat infertility issues. We have helped more than 100 couples conceive naturally.

I have done a series of tests and diagnosis, the reports show I have unexplainable infertility, can you help me?

Ans: Yes, we can. Our doctor will first have a meaningful consultation session with you to be sure it's unexplainable. Most of the time, after taking our patients through Traditional Chinese Medicine, their health maladies will become explainable. Please contact us on 07026997111 to book an appointment.

Do you have treatment for Ulcers?

Ans: Yes, our treatment modalities have been of great help over time. You can simply order for it without passing through appointment booking provided you are so sure you have ulcer.

Do you have a female Doctor that can attend to female patients?

Ans: We have a qualified and certified female Doctor. She's available for physical assessment and treatment.

How will I get my treatment/medicine after making the payment?

Ans: Our logistic department will get in touch with you, to ensure that your medications are safely delivered to your preferred location. They were employed for that role to help you out.

Are there any side effects to your medicine?

Ans: Our medicines are low-risk. We could have said risk-free but is there really anything that is risk-free? Even water is not totally risk-free. If you take your treatment as prescribed, be as sure as a pikestaff that you're low risk. However, what you may be experiencing during the treatment/use of medication, is your journey to recovery. You may also experience a healing crisis especially at the beginning of your treatment.

I can’t afford the treatment, how best can you help me?

Ans: We immensely appreciate that patients communicate their financial strength to us. We make provisions for a flexible payment plan, suitable for both parties. Moreso, we provide a treatment relief package for the less privileged. Please call or WhatsApp on 07026997111.

Is consultation with your Doctor important?

Ans: Yes it may, especially if you have chronic, challenging, life-threatening, complicated, incurable or unexplained health issues. At OIHM, we take into major consideration the convenience of our patients. Hence, we have made available both physical and virtual consultation. Your consultation with the Doctor sets forth as much information that may be connected to your chief complaints and further helps us to properly diagnose the root cause of your health condition.

Is there Post-treatment follow-up?

Ans: We do not only give medications but religiously guide and manage our patients to achieve complete recovery.

I am not a Nigerian, how can I speak to your Doctor?

Ans: At OIHM Clinic, we speak English and Arabic languages, you can contact us through call or WhatsApp on +2347026997111.

If during my treatment I noticed I have recovered and stop seeing the signs/symptoms, can I stop using my medication?

Ans: We advise you to communicate with the Doctor in this regard. He is in a better position to determine what’s advisable, to avoid speculations.

Do I have to report my step by step recovery journey to the Doctor?

Ans: Yes, it is of significance that you be in touch and we will also be in touch with you at every stage of your recovery journey.

Do you have a website?

Ans: Yes, we do. Kindly log on to

Do you have social media handles so I can confirm your Genuity and see some reviews or comments?

Ans: Yes, we have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. You can search for @oihmclinic on Instagram, Olaking international holistic medicine company on Facebook, Linkedin and others.

Are your Doctors qualified and certified?

Ans: Our Doctors are trained and certified. They trained in India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Do you have a license to be operating in Nigeria?

Ans: We are licensed and we operate legally

Do you have treatment for Gut and Abdominal Diseases?

Ans: Yes, our treatment modalities have been of great help over time.

I am a pregnant woman, can I use your medicine?

Ans: Yes, a pregnant person may use some of our prescribed medicine. During your consultation, we would have asked all the related questions and we expect our patients to discuss everything and anything with us.

Can I share my medicine with my husband/wife?

Ans: The consultation prior to the treatment plan was only between you and our Doctor. By implication, the medicine is prescribed specifically not generically. Regardless of whether you are having the same symptoms, your husband/wife should also seek our consultation and we take him/her through a meaningful wellness history in order to achieve the perfect treatment plan for them.

I have paid for my medicine but I haven't received it, do I have to call again?

Ans: It is not our culture to delay our patients' orders. We are swift and we deliver promptly. Should there be a delay, our department in charge will reach out to you and communicate the situation and/or confirm the necessary details of your delivery.

How fast can I get my medicine after my consultation?

Ans: You will be notified as soon as we have received payment confirmation of your treatment. It usually takes 3-5 days.

Do you operate globally?

Ans: We operate globally. We can be consulted virtually, and physically, nationwide from time to time.

I live outside Nigeria, how possible can I get my medicine after consultation with your Doctors?

Ans: We are a company that operates globally, your medicine will be sent to you after confirming payment for your medicine. You will likely get your remedies after 7 days if we use DHL. We will discuss your shipment with you during or after consultation and before you make payment for treatment.

Do you operate 24hours?

Ans: We're always on standby. Our staff are readily available to listen and attend to your health issues very swiftly within their work time. Sometimes our patients ask if we don't sleep, probably because we respond to them even at midnight. We're working seamlessly to be available 24/7.

Do you attend to patients on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)?

Ans: We are readily available to listen to you defining your health issues with us. However, the physical appointment isn't guaranteed on weekends

How sure am I going to recover from the disease after taking your medicine?

Ans: By God's grace, we have an admirable performance history and reputation from our patients who have fully recovered, and some of these reviews are available on our social media platforms for your perusal. We are prepared to be committed to helping you recover when you are! We will nurture you throughout your treatment by God's grace.

Do you have treatment for Cancer?

Ans: Yes. Cancer treatment is one of our core specialties. We have helped a number of patients recover either totally or partially from their cancers. Treatment duration is usually from 6 months to 12 months or even more.

What is your mode of payment?

Ans: We only accept payment into our official company’s bank account through bank deposit, transfer or any other way. We seldom accept cash payments.

What is the duration of the consultation with your Doctors?

Ans: It depends. It ranges from 30 mins-90 minutes

Is there a discount for family consultation?

Ans: The company will be fair in this regard. Be free to discuss this with us.

Do you deliver home service treatment/consultation?

Ans: Yes, we do. Your convenience and commitment is our driving force. However, we have strict policies binding this arrangement. Contact us for more details.

Do you train people?

Ans: Yes we do. It is subject to our academic calendar. OIHM Company birthed The Open International College of Naturopathic Medicine where students learn Natural Medicine seamlessly without breaking their banks.

Do you recommend medical treatment?

Ans: We are a brand that believes that life is a precious gift. We are professional practitioners of integrative medicine. We often recommend orthodox medicine if the situation warrants it. We even recommend surgery when there is a clear indicator for it.

Do you have treatment for Gallbladder stones?

Yes, we treat Gallbladder stones. Patients usually pass out their stones on the 6th day of their treatment. 9/10 patients get cured completely within a month.

Can I get your medicine from the medicine stores?

Ans: You can only get our medicine after consultation with our Doctor. For now, you can only get it from our clinic or online store.

Do you only attend to Muslims?

Certainly not. We attend to everyone regardless of their religion provided that they are willing to get treatment from us.